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Monday, September 12, 2005

Saudicat's first meows..

Well, another rainy day in awfully cold Germany, husband safely out of the door, houseworks successfully ignored, the sweet little wife has time at her hands to do some nonsense.

Such as creating a web blog. As it seems, this is fashionable these days. So whoops, here we go. We'll worry about the fact that we don't know anything about computers later.

But first a few word to introduce myself. No, I'm not a black cat. I just look like one when home in Jiddah, at least outside the house, that is. I wasn't born in Saudi Arabia, and until six years ago I would never have dreamt of landing there. I lived in Cologne, Germany, all alone except for my cat, and I couldn't figure any other way to live. I had my art, my antiques, my books. The mere idea some guy would stomp around in my life drinking all my coffee in the morning was shocking to me. Apart from that, my cat was jealous, she just hated visitors. Let alone visitors who overstayed their welcomes and squashed themselfes in Her Furry Majesty's favorite sleeping places..

But as they say, every pot finds its lid one day. Mine came in form of a Saudi guy who snatched away some old shellacks I was after from under my nose on a Cologne rag fair. We met more often, talked nights in, nights out, and we had quite a lot in common. Two iron singles who heartily agreed on the fact that only fools marry. Not quite a year later we were married..
Oh well, the cat loved him at first sight and hey, I've got those shellacks..

Our families couldn't believe it. After all, we weren't teenagers anymore - I was 37 and my husband 41 - and they had long given up all hopes their stubborn offsprings would ever get something like a decent lifestyle together. My father couldn't stop laughing and asked my husband at least ten times if he would be serious about it (well, thanks, Papa..), my husband's family asked at least fifty times if I were willing to convert to Islam. My husband chased me through some sort of 'Saudi Arabia for Dummies' preparation and all that I was worried about was how to get my cat into the Kingdom. After all, no way that I would go without Her Furry Majesty..

By the way - the title of this blog.. It became a running joke in our marriage, but not because anyone would have expected me to leave Germany without my cat!
No, it was thanks to a bunch of 'friends' and relatives who really were most thoughtful when choosing their pre-wedding gifts for me on our engagement party at my father's house. Believe it or not, I've collected three (t-h-r-e-e) copies of Betty Mahmoody's book 'Not without my daughter' - go talk about tactful sensitivity...

(Well, not that I would not have appreciated the good will, I just thought it a bit... err... inappropriate. I mean, Jiddah is located at the Red Sea, what utter madness would it be to plan my escape route through Iran? In my case, a book like maybe 'Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki - crossing the seas with an ancient balsa raft' would have been more useful, maybe along with an easy understandable instruction manual for building balsa rafts. But then, I've already found out that people simply do not think very much when it comes to Saudi Arabia..)

To cut this short, we're still happily married, living in Jiddah most of the time, spending a couple of months per year in Germany to not forget how miserable the weather can get, Her Furry Majesty found a great Saudi cat friend and I guess I will meow here more often.

Still so much to say..



Blogger ~ se3loah ~ said...

الصوره مغطيه الشهادتين

9:13 PM  
Blogger Farooha said...

Awww! So fun to read!

LOL@ not without my cat. How thoughtful of your friends.

Next story:
Saudi female (Farah) married to Hot german guitar player she admired while in Frankfurt.
lol.. sigh.. yeah right!

And I'd kill whoever gets me books about Hitler and the Nazis or something lol. You're so patient wallah!
By the way, where is cologne exactly? Bitte explain its location to me. I go to Germany regularly.
Danke ;-)

2:28 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

Hi, Farooha, Cologne is located in the west of Germany, in North Rhine Westfalia at the River Rhine. It's Koeln in German, most famous pssst [whispermode on] for it's big gothic cathedral (Koelner Dom) and its Koelsch beer [/whispermode off]. Also, for Eau de Cologne and the Cologne Carnival.

Unfortunately Cologne was almost completely destroyed in WWII which is why it isn't a particularly beautiful city today. But then I'm never fond of two much modernity - if it were just for architecture and style I would vastly prefer to live in 1910.. ;)

However, look here for the official website of the city of Cologne:

11:14 PM  
Blogger Rani said...

Ooooh, Norah, please don't write in Arabic, it gives me such a hard time..

I would like to have the image bigger at the top of the page but I cannot figure out how. There seems to be no spot in the template where I could change its size, and I'm not that good at html.

Maybe someone else knows how to do this?

11:18 PM  
Blogger ~ se3loah ~ said...

sorry , i didn't know you didn't understand Arabic ..

but tell me , where are you from ??

4:51 PM  
Blogger Farooha said...

She's German, married to a Saudi. I'm about to write about her over at the Saudi blogs blogspot. Check it out.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

Farooha, schukran, danke schoen!!


7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,watch out...There is much more to life than in pets, Ramadan-fasting, posh houses and doting mothers-in-law.Retain your german citizenship and save for your future, God forbid....
By the way, what are you? be safe at all times.Take time to acquire some extra qualification and do not while away your time....
Sisterly advice from an elderly saudi...

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Generic Viagra said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:42 PM  

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