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Saturday, September 17, 2005

What do you know?

(third eeek-ranting)

Well, we've manifested by now that everything is absolute lousy in Saudi Arabia. Even Arabs themself complain about it, and apart from maybe some fundamentalist troglodytes everybody agrees there's dire need for change. Especially now that there are terrorists everywhere, no-one sane would wish to go there.

And yet, I'm sitting in our German apartement and long for.. err... home? We're staying long in Germany this year, not only because my husband has business to do but because my father of 77 years wasn't too well.

And I'm sick of it. Sick of the noises from the nearby streets, sick of our stupid neighbors that use to peep into our garden. They don't really like us, because when we got this place the first thing we did was surrounding the garden with a high cat safe fencing so our babies can venture outside safely. Neighborhood went rampant because they thought we vandalized their properly styled garden culture. As if anything could spoil their ugly gardens. Pah! You should see our garden at home! And even worse, last month Her Furry Majesty had to go to the emergency vet because she was nearly poisoned from eating a mouse, just because those idiots put out poison everywhere. Now I'm constantly on the jump to take care that the cats won't catch anything again, and if, take it away from them as fast as possible. Ah, if anything had happened to my sweetie they would have had a Saudi terrorist here that would have make Osama bin Laden look like a Vienna choir boy!!

And I'm sick of the cold weather, of the rain, of the bing bang boing from the churches, of everything. I want to be home in Jiddah, be in my beautiful house and my even more beautiful garden, enjoy my shisha in the shadow of the palm trees and look across the sea. Then I want to cuddle up with my mothers in law on the sofa and play backgammon with them. I want to see my husband as settled and relaxed as he can only be on his home soil. I want to feel this deep peace of soul that is at home there.

But then I sometimes sit down and wonder, especially after reading around in the internet. I read a lot of negative things about Saudi Arabia and it's itching inside to protest and put some heads straight, but then, what do I know?

Actually, not much, rather shamefully little when considering that I live in the kingdom for about five years. But I haven't seen much, I hardly ever go out when home. We've visited some antic ruins in the desert, big deal. As said before, someone could pluck our house from the ground and place it elsewhere and it would probably take a year until I notice, unless they put it down in Northern Alaska or some such place.

Of course I read the news, I take my duty course through Arab News and the Saudi Gazette and then resort to the Koelner Stadtanzeiger. Arabic newspapers are of almost no use for me because by the time I have managed to spell myself through the headline the news is ten days old. I hate to admit it but I hardly speak any decent Arabic, and if I do, Arabs think I'm reciting antic poetry in Kisuaheli. Blame my husband. When we first met he hardly spoke a word of German, now his German is close to perfect and I still cannot speak proper Arabic.

Beside that, I always seem to be out of tune with everyone else. Like someone giving me a phonecall (in Saudi) telling me that there is another terrible water shortage in Jiddah again. And I sit there, desperately trying to figure an appropriate comment while scratching my wet hair because I just came out of the bath tub.

I mean, I could as well live on the moon. Or in Micro-Polynesia.

Reading about all kind of Saudi bashing in the internet I am always reminded of my German cousin. No misunderstandings, I really do love her, and my part of the family is small enough (actually, only my father, an aunt, my cousin and a sister that does not talk to me because her husband does not like my husband).
Anyway, my cousin is an awfully conscious woman, conscious of everything. It definetely would not have happened to her that she would have taken a bath without knowing about a water shortage. She would have known about the water shortage before everyone else, and of course she wouldn't have had a bath.

You go out dining with her and while you have a steak she has a spinache pizza and lectures long and broad about animal abuse in the meat industry. You show her your new Indian salwar kameez and she'll tell you that you must not buy anything from India to not support child labour. And so on. It can get a bit straining at times.

That does not mean there wouldn't be any truth to her words, or that one should close eyes completely to anything wrong in the world. But then what is life worth if you see only the bad and never the good, the nice things, the beauty? I would develop serious depressions if I were to live like that.

And it's the same with all those bad writings about Saudi Arabia. Yes, many things are wrong, the country needs reforms, even I figured that out. And yet these harsh critics do not sit well with me because there seems to be no sympathy, not the slightest little trace of love, as if there wouldn't be anything good in the kingdom. As if there were no people, no families, no souls. And I do believe that when you want to change something to the better you have to love it first, you have to see the good things in order to part them from the not so good. Otherwise, you just break everything.

Well, right now, Saudi Arabia seems to me like the most beautiful spot on earth, and I want to go home. And if it's just to escape those awful neighbors who right now turned their stupid TV so loud that the noise comes through the walls. In the middle of the night!

Now wait! We haven't listen to Khaled for quite some time.. and remember, I still have my Quadral Montan speakers! Along with the appropriate amp to power them up! Ha! That'll blow their laughable little surround system (5 bleat cubes and 1 grumble cube, made by Bose) from the Rhineland up to across the Yemeni border...


Blogger Nancy said...

Hi. Your blog is wonderful. In this post you wrote:

"And yet these harsh critics do not sit well with me because there seems to be no sympathy, not the slightest little trace of love, as if there wouldn't be anything good in the kingdom. As if there were no people, no families, no souls."

It's perfect. I'm glad to know you're happy there. I look forward to reading more about your life.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

Thank you. Nancy - also for commenting on my 'overseen' posting. I was wondering all the time what was wrong with it.. ;)


12:19 PM  
Anonymous Juliefey said...

I wandered into your blog looking for information about Abayas... we may be moving to the kingdom of Saudi soon. (We're Americans living in Thailand right now... and from seeing how Islam spread over Hindu, Buddhism and Christianity in our previous home of Indonesia... you were right on the money in your previous post about if Arabs settled the US.) It's so refreshing to hear your views and thoughts after reading so much Saudi/Arab/Muslim bashing everywhere. I wish people would realize that most of humanity is moderate in their beliefs and are just doing the best they can to give their families a happy life... instead of believing the militants are typical examples. Your blog might not be in the news, but it is another voice to balance the negative. Thank you.

9:55 PM  
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